Tech Breakdown: Hiding Water in Boat Interiors

The Problem. Someone get a bucket!

The Mask Mesh

The water mask mesh

The Mask Shader

The shader for the water mask mesh
Toggling the water mask mesh on and off

The Stencil Buffer

Stencil - This is just signifying that we’ll be doing a stencil operation in this shader pass Ref 1 - The stencil value we'll be referencing is 1Comp always - When we look at the current stencil value, our shader should always draw its pixel regardless of the stencil value.Pass replace - When we draw a pixel, we should replace the current stencil value with our value, aka '1'. 

Masking in the Water Shader

Adding the stencil block to the water shader.
Water water everywhere but not a drop in our boat!
Artifact is ‘fixed’

Indie Game Developer

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David Evans

David Evans

Indie Game Developer

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